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Please note that the event has been cancelled

  • The Story of Storms River Village
    Storms River ... the very name conjures up images of mystery and suspense, adventure drama and romance. Of primal forests where the ghosts of woodcutters and long gone elephants roam. Where, on a moonlit, star filled night, one may hear the ring of a pick on rock in salute to long dead road builders ...
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  • Stormsriver Village: The undiscovered jewel
    Situated in the heart of the majestic Tsitsikamma lies the pristine rural village of Storms River. Possibly one of the best kept secrets, Stormsriver Village is the hub of an indigenous forest wonderland dominated by Outeniqua Yellow Wood trees, many of which are eight hundred years old or more and have survived the man induced ravages of fires and natural floods for over 100 years ...
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